About Us

At Tutyi & Sisu we are a husband and wife duo based in Melbourne Australia. We run our small business together and are also parents to 2 gorgeous boys!

We understand as new parents how overwhelming it can be with all the baby products that flood the market and it is also hard to see through all the marketing. Tutyi & Sisu was born from this.

We wanted to create a space that was streamlined with products that are tried and tested by us as parents, super practical but also, beautiful. We want to be a brand that parents can recognise, trust, and know that we have their children's best interests at heart. 

Our swaddles, wraps and change mats are made from 100% organic cotton which is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Organic cotton excludes the use of harmful synthetic pesticides which results in the increased quality of the raw cotton which translates into a more superior product. 

We are also invested in enriching the lives and living conditions of workers globally. We source and work only with factories that offer fair payment, and safe working conditions from the farmers to the factory workers. 

We manufacture our swaddles and change mats in India using an Eco-friendly and sustainable production process - ensuring everyone involved in the making, i.e. farmers, workers, etc., get a fair price for their produce.

We believe in being 100% transparent with our customers so if you have any inquires, suggestions and/or feedback about the above information or you would just like to know more please don't hesitate to contact us at info@tutyiandsisu.com