Manufacturing Process

Our swaddles, wraps and change mats are made from 100% organic cotton which is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Organic cotton excludes the use of harmful, synthetic pesticides. This results in the increased quality of the raw cotton and translates into a more superior product. 

We are invested in enriching the lives and living conditions of workers globally. We work hard to source factories that offer fair payment and safe working conditions for farmers to the factory workers. 

We manufacture our swaddles and change mats in India using a Eco-friendly and sustainable production process - ensuring everyone involved in the making, i.e. farmers, workers, etc., get a fair price for their produce.

The supplier we use is a government of India recognised, ethically responsible and sustainable apparel manufacturing company. 

They are a Sedex certified (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). The SEDEX Certification ensures that the factory has adequate labor, health, safety and wellbeing standards for the workers employed by the factory, whilst maintaining high business ethics.

We look for the following values in our manufacturers:

Opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers

Transparency & accountability

Payment and fair price

Ensuring no child labour and/or forced labour

Commitment to non-discrimination, gender equality, women’s economic empowerment and freedom of association

Ensuring good working conditions

Respect for the environment

What is organic and fair trade cotton?

NO GMO Seeds

Organic cotton production never uses GMO (genetically modified organism) seed. Non-GMO seeds allow farmers to work within their limits and environment, sustainably.

Eliminates hazardous synthetic pesticides

Organic cotton doesn't use dangerous pesticides, protecting farmers' lives and the environment.

Saves precious water

Organic farms use less water, preserving a scarce and precious resource for the future.

Helps combat climate change

Organic cotton farming uses less energy. Healthy organic soils stores more carbon, removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Fair Prices for Farmers & Workers

Using fair trade principles, organic cotton farmers are paid a fair price for their produce.

We believe in being 100% transparent with our customers so if you have any inquires, suggestions and/or feedback about the above information or you would just like to know more please don't hesitate to contact us at