How To Swaddle Baby

Step by Step
1. Spread the swaddle or wrap out flat in the shape of a diamond and fold the top corner over.
2. Lay your baby face up with their shoulders aligned across the top of the folded edge.
3. Wrap the right corner over the body and tuck it under baby snugly.
4. Fold the left corner over and also tuck it under baby, making sure it is not too tight around the hips.
5. Bring the bottom corner up over the feet.

You can also swaddle as the diagram below, wrapping the left side over first and tucking under baby. Then the bottom corner over baby's feet, followed by wrapping the right side over and tucking it under the body.

Safe Sleeping
Always ensure that baby has freedom of movement around the hip area. Always place your baby on their back to sleep. Always keep baby’s face and head uncovered while sleeping. Discontinue swaddling once baby shows signs of attempting to roll.
Always follow the safe sleep guidelines of Rednose Australia. Link below: